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With the freshness of her 19 years and a stunning body, Anita is a fiery lady and the absolute woman. With a beautiful combination of deep brown hair and sea-blue eyes, she is a stunner that cannot walk unnoticed.

Anita prefers to spend her leisure time taking long walks in places with green and close to nature, and her ballet class has definitely played an important role in her fetching figure that she tried to maintain with regular visits to the gym.

She is educated and a fun companionship, able to talk about everything in an exciting and enjoyable way that can definitely please every gentleman. Anita can be your companionship, your listener, conservationist, party-girl and a priestess of seduction, at ease, because is a true and genuine voluptuous vixen in the body of an angel. What more for a man to ask?

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Role: Straight
Age: 19
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 50kgs
Body Size: Slim
Hair Size: Brown
Eyes: Blue


1 Hour: $900
2 Hour: $1800
3 Hour: $2700
Overnight: $8000
Full Day / 24 Hours: POA
Weekend / 48 Hours: POA
Full Week / 7 Days: POA
1 Month: POA


Monday: 24 / 7
Tuesday: 24 / 7
Wednesday: 24 / 7
Thursday: 24 / 7
Friday: 24 / 7
Saturday: 24 / 7
Sunday: 24 / 7