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You’ll be forgiven for being lost for words. Hannah has this effect on men. Imagine that which is to come as you unbutton her modestly see through blouse. Finely attuned to the desires of men, a simple touch will have you bordering on ecstasy, and she’s yet to take you fully in her hands. As her naked breasts kiss your skin, you stand to attention. The mood is wet with anticipation. Dripping with desire!

How could  you not call?! She wants you. She really does. You can smell her, taste her. She has something for you. Hannah is busy so make your arrangements now be it a simple rendezvous, dinner and a night in or a romantic weekend away.

Call Hannah direct on 0403 588 046.

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Role: Bisexual
Age: 32
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 63kgs
Curves: Athletic
Body Size: 10
Hair Size: Blonde
Eyes: Brown


1 Hour: $400
2 Hour: $800
3 Hour: $1200
Overnight: $1800
Full Day / 24 Hours: POA
Weekend / 48 Hours: POA
Full Week / 7 Days: POA
1 Month: POA


Monday: 24 / 7
Tuesday: 24 / 7
Wednesday: 24 / 7
Thursday: 24 / 7
Friday: 24 / 7
Saturday: 24 / 7
Sunday: 24 / 7