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Looking for the right man to meet your requirements and needs could sometimes be difficult, yet Richy has a way to simplify things around him with his talents that make him easily stand out from the mob.

If fate has brought you to his paths, all you need to do is just enjoy the ride, while it lasts! Richy is a clever, well-educated and perfect-mannered young man that enjoys the finest in life, from wine to clothes and from food to music. He longs to satisfy in any way he can and his creative mind bears ideas for fun you would never have imagined. Being absolutely versatile, he can fit in any occasion, either that is a kicking back on the couch having a good laugh or appear in the most elite of places. His attire is always fashionable, trendy and sharp and his social skills as well as interpersonal skills will leave you speechless.

In your more private moments expect no less than absolute satisfaction, with European massage and moments you could have never thought you’d live.

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Role: Straight
Age: 29
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 97kgs
Waist: 34"
Build: Athletic
Shoe: 13US
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown


1 Hour: $500
2 Hour: POA
3 Hour: POA
Overnight: POA
Full Day / 24 Hours: POA
Weekend / 48 Hours: POA
Full Week / 7 Days: POA
1 Month: POA


Monday: By Appointment
Tuesday: By Appointment
Wednesday: By Appointment
Thursday: By Appointment
Friday: By Appointment
Saturday: By Appointment
Sunday: By Appointment