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Hey Guys

My name is Thomas Duke, or if you prefer, you may call me Tommy. I am  30 years old and a professional gay escort based in Melbourne, though I do travel interstate quite frequently for work. I am originally from the remote Pilbara region in Western Australia ( So yes, I'm freezing my ass off here in Melbourne) and have worked in a diverse range of industries that have helped shape me into the accomplished person I am today.

I became an escort because I believe that we provide a service that few in this world possess the appropriate skill set for. I have been working as an escort now for just shy of 5 years now and have noticed an influx of people joining the industry for the wrong reasons, mainly thinking it is an easy way to make fast cash. My own motivations could not be further from this as I have an overwhelming desire to please and help others achieve their own satisfaction.

I am currently studying a Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness as well as Sports Massage after going through my own personal body transformation and dropping 45kgs in my earlier youth. ( I may like to cook well but I love to eat even better ) It's from this experience that I learnt not to judge others on nearly any aspect of themselves, nobody has the conscious ability to choose what they find attractive, choose what they like to eat or and I fully accept that I may not be everybody's proverbial "cup of tea." Though If you do have an interest in me, I'd encourage you to please get in touch as I do not disappoint.

Sexually there is very little that I hesitate to explore ( Except for a woman ). Please feel free to forward me any request that you may have and all will be considered with an open mind…. And a dirty one at that. I am generally versatile when it comes to sexual roles but tend to play the bottom role more often as of recently.

If you do choose to seek me for companionship or an extended booking you may find that I am quite the social and very stimulating to engage. The experiences I've had in my life so far have been so numerous that I can almost say that I have lived twice. My intelligence is what I consider to be one of my greatest attributes and you may be confident that in social situations I can be positively charming and eager to contribute to conversations. I have a broad range of interests and pursuits that I enjoy in my personal time that give me commonality with almost anybody so I tend to have chameleon personality and blend well with people from all walks of life, whether they be from out the remote bushlands of the outback ( where I have spent the majority of my life) right through to those attending high society gala's and philanthropic events.

I have been described as benevolent though having quite the ironic and satirical sense of humour. I can assure you I'm a lot friendlier in person than I appear in my pictures. ( unfortunately, I was cursed with a severe case of resting bitch face). Discretion is the cornerstone of my business and I am willing to sign any non-disclosure agreements you may have to protect your interests.


Thomas Duke - Victoria Permit No. 10797XE

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Role: Gay
Age: 30
Height: 183cms
Weight: 90kgs
Waist: 32"
Build: Athletic
Shoe: 10US
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown


1 Hour: $400
2 Hour: $800
3 Hour: $1200
Overnight: $2000
Full Day / 24 Hours: POA
Weekend / 48 Hours: POA
Full Week / 7 Days: POA
1 Month: POA


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